Harley-Davidson V-Rod
Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Any bike owner is likely familiar with searching for motorcycle riding gear online. However, just searching for parts is not the goal. Sure, every bike owner appreciates a good deal, but when you are looking for the best Harley-Davidson V-Rod OEM parts or aftermarket parts, you need to narrow your search. Therefore, you need to have specific parts and modifications in mind. While the V-Rod has some fantastic standard features, like the Revolution engine, there are specific improvements that can be made to take full advantage of Harley-Davidson’s best-performing machine. Therefore, to get the most out of your bike, there are at least three modifications that you should make.

  1. Air Filter

When looking for Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts online, the first thing you should do is consider what you are trying to change or modify. For example, most owners want to max out the horsepower potential of their V-Rod, and the best way to do this is to purchase an upgraded air filter. Therefore, replace the standard air filter, which uses a throwaway paper element, with an aftermarket option that uses oiled-cotton or dry microfiber, which is less restrictive. If you keep the stock airbox, then you can find a variety of high-flow filters from several different manufacturers, including Harley-Davidson. Also, and more importantly for budget-conscious riders, the upgraded filter can be cleaned regularly for lifetime use.

  1. Topless Airbox

If you decide to upgrade your air filter, then you might want to consider swapping out the stock airbox as well. The standard design of the stock box reduces the engine’s ability to breathe because it restricts airflow through a small 1.5-inch tube. Therefore, if you want to capitalize on a newer air filter, then pick up a topless or semi-topless airbox as well. The most significant part of this modification is that it can be done for free. You can simply remove the lid for an increase of four to five horsepower on average, or you can receive similar results by creating several cutouts in the top.

  1. Exhaust

Last, you should consider an upgrade to your V-Rod exhaust. Most Harley-Davidson owners perform this modification before any others, and this includes changes to the popular V-Rod. By upgrading your exhaust, you help to eliminate exhaust from the combustion chambers more effectively and efficiently, leading to improved performance overall. Also, for those riders who love that signature Harley-Davidson sound, installing a new exhaust system or even mufflers really bring attention to the roar of that Revolution engine. Last, this particular modification will have one of the most drastic effects on the look of your bike.

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod is one of the most popular models ever produced by the manufacturer, and it is no wonder that people still marvel over its design and engineering. However, even with the model’s popularity, the stock bike can use some modifications to improve its efficiency. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your V-Rod, then replace the air filter, modify the airbox and exchange the exhaust.