Santé Fitness Lab
Santé Fitness Lab

Santé Fitness Lab is introducing its sports rehab and recovery services in a new facility. The premier one-stop fitness center offers holistic training programs and innovative recovery and sports rehabilitation services to both professional athletes and general fitness buffs.

Located in Vermosa Sports Hub in Imus, Cavite, the facility offers the latest and advanced practices in physical therapy with Recovery and the Sports Rehabilitation services available on site.

PT Recovery

The center’s PT Recovery services aim to help athletes and non-athletes alike to recover much faster from the stresses of training thereby, allowing them to resume competing at the soonest possible time – something that is not a strength of conventional therapy programs.

This is particularly helpful during competition season where a speedy recovery can prevent athletes from missing out on competitions. On the other hand, fitness buffs can benefit from the services as well since it will help them resume their daily activities, relaxed and pain-free.

There are several procedures that professional and non-professional athletes can avail of. One is its cryotherapy services. This involves the administration of cold, compressed air to immediately lower the temperature of the body part that is still sore from the training exercise.  Compression Therapy on the other hand, aids in the acceleration of the recuperation of the body part by improving blood circulation in the area and relieving soreness. Meanwhile, Dry Needling and Myofascial Release are procedures that are performed to expedite muscle relaxation and provide relief from muscle soreness and pain.

Sports Rehabilitation

Unlike other regular fitness centers, Santé Fitness Lab is unique in that it offers Sports Rehabilitation through its extensive space, equipment and specialized programming, that regular fitness centers and even hospitals doesn’t have. The facility also specializes in orthopedic cases (bone and ligament) and sports-related sprain and strain.

The procedure is done differently from how it is performed in regular hospital settings since the objective of the therapy is to accelerate the rehabilitation process so the person can return to their sport at the soonest possible time and through lesser sessions.

Finally, Santé Fitness Lab’s Sports Recovery and Rehab center guarantees that its procedures follow a sports specific program, well-executed protocols, and thorough assessment.

“I am proud of Santé Fitness Lab’s facility. This is where we are different from other regular fitness centers because we ensure that people, both athletes and non-athletes alike can get the best care when they train. Our Sports Recovery and Rehab center is staffed with only the best professionals so anyone who trains here is assured of the most competent care and training alike,” said Joey Marcelo, president and chief executive officer of Santé Fitness Lab.

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