Yedpay’s Alva Wong explains the Fortinet Security Fabric

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Fortinet Security Fabric
Fortinet Security Fabric

Established in Hong Kong in 2014, Yedpay provides a secure platform for e-commerce payments for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that are underserved by other financial services providers. The merchant payment solutions company was co-founded by Alva Wong, an alum of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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Yedpay’s infrastructure connects merchants, including taxi drivers and other SMEs, with payment issuers and supports marketing and analytics tools. Like other organizations in the financial services sector, it is now leveraging virtualization and cloud computing to help it deliver applications and services with greater speed and flexibility.

Fortinet is able to power Yedpay’s speed of digital innovation with an equally agile security strategy achieved through the Fortinet Security Fabric. Wong said, “We deployed Fortinet Network Firewalls five years ago to protect our on-premise network infrastructure.”

“Every component of the Fortinet Security Fabric is fully integrated into the entire network and every part of the security architecture is visible via a single console that is user-friendly and easy to operate,” Wong continued. “With Fortinet, a secure cloud migration that would normally take a year took us only a month.”

The Fortinet Security Fabric is an intelligent platform that unifies various security solutions across the network to detect, block and remediate attacks. It reduces and manages the attack surface through broad visibility, stops advanced threats with artificial intelligence-driven breach prevention, and reduces complexity via automated operations and orchestration across endpoints, access points, network elements, the data center, applications, cloud and data.

A global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, Fortinet announced on January 15, 2020 that Yedpay has deployed an end-to-end Fortinet Security Fabric to help bolster security as it moves its infrastructure to the cloud. Learn more about it on Conan Daily.

What can you say about this story?

What can you say about this story?

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What can you say about this story?

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